What do the bobcat numbers mean?

* 1st digit is the size of the machine, the larger the number the larger the machine.

* 2nd digit used to indicate the generation of the machine. (20s series, 30s series, 40s series)

The 2nd digit now is an indicator of the frame & lift arm design of the machine.

5 means a standard wheelbase & radius path lift arms. (753)
6 is a long wheelbase & radius lift arms. (763)
7 is a long wheelbase & vertical path lift arms. (773)

The generation of the machines is now being identified by a letter at the end of the model number. (753G)

* 3rd digit used to indicate the engine type

0 was air cooled gasoline engine. (450)
1 was air cooled diesel engine. (731)
2 was liquid cooled gasoline engine. (722)
3 was liquid cooled diesel engine. (743)

In the current machines the 3rd digit is now being used to designate the type of undercarriage.

3 now means machine is on tires. (753)
4 now means machine is on rubber tracks. (864)

In 2001 the 864 track loader received a new name: T 200
The "T" stands for compact track loader.
The "200" reflects the Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)
For example : 200 means a ROC of 2000 lbs (907 kg)

In the first quarter of 2002 other skid steer loaders also received "new names"

"S" : skid steer loader (S 175)

"A" : all wheel steer loader (A 220)

"MT" : mini track loader (MT 50)

The numbers behind the indicating letters reflect on the loaders Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)