In 1973 the first "bobcat" scale model was born, it was the M-700.

The M-700 was produced around 1973 by Gescha, a West German company.

It was painted entirely white except for the bucket & rear door.

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Bobcat M-700

The lift arms proudly carried the "double ovals" MELROE logo.

The back upright had a red CLARK EQUIPMENT logo & a red stripe from top to bottom.
The tailgate carried the word "bobcat" in white.

The operator cab and the seat could be removed and snapped back into place.
The M-700 had a really heavy feeling, since it was made entirly out of metal, except for rubber wheels & plastic rear door.

Details where also there: three foot pedals & the "bras nail" steering levers were placed inside the cab.

The M-700 was available till 1977, although production stopped in 1976.

The M-700 was available in 2 different boxes, one for the U.S. & one for the european market.

The european box said: Clark International Marketing S.A.,
Clark Bobcat Division
Zevenbronnenstraat 43,
1512 Dworp

European Box

The U.S. box said:


Clark equipment Company,
Melroe Division,
North Dakota 58040

U.S. Box
The M-700 was scaled down to 1/19.  
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